Kai Wilmot

Dr. Kai Wilmot

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Utah, Department of Atmospheric Science

Skills: Python, R, lagrangian atmospheric modeling

Contact Info: Kai.Wilmot@utah.edu

About Me

I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. I have spent the last five years studying environmental science and atmospheric science in Madison, Wisconsin. My hobbies include running, kayaking, snowboarding, climbing, and reading.

Professional Interests

My interests center primarily on the roles of aerosols and land-atmosphere interactions in the climate system at regional and global scales. More specifically, I wish to develop an understanding of how dust and wildfire aerosols are impacting the American west and how this may further inform our understanding of the role of aerosols at the global scale. I maintain a secondary interest in the literature pertaining to volcanic aerosols.

Research Areas

  • Dust and fire aerosol
  • Aerosol trends
  • Air quality modeling







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