Kai Wilmot: From Runner to Researcher

Members of the HART team are often drawn to the group because of a passion for the environment and a desire to pursue research in the atmospheric sciences. For wildfire researcher Kai Wilmot, this couldn’t be more true. In a recent story by Dyestat.com, writer Dave Devine explores Kai’s journey from an extremely successful long-distance runner to an accomplished researcher at the University of Utah.

Growing up in Spokane, Washington, Kai excelled at running and took his talents to the University of Wisconsin. After an injury prematurely ended his collegiate running career, he began to focus on research in the atmospheric sciences. It is clear that Kai’s passion for wildfire research is fueled by a connection to the Western US and that the skills he gained as a runner contribute to his success as a researcher.

Read the full story at the link here: https://www.dyestat.com/gprofile.php?mgroup_id=44531&do=news&news_id=624949