HART Team To Study The Southern Ocean

A recent $526,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will fund future work in the HART Group to study the Southern Ocean. The collaborative effort with Dr. Jay Mace (University of Utah Atmospheric Sciences) will work to understand cloud properties in what is one of the world’s most remote regions. By focusing on the interconnectedness of small particles, called cloud condensation nuclei, and their impact on the reflectivity of clouds, a better understanding of how clouds in the region affect precipitation and global climate will assist with improving climate models.


The link to a University of Utah press release including full quotes from Dr. Mace can be found here: https://attheu.utah.edu/announcements/u-scientists-to-study-southern-ocean-cloud-formation-with-526k-grant/


Congratulations to Dr. Gannet Hallar and Dr. Jay Mace. Keep an eye out for updates on the project which will be posted here.