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Chris Awarded Air & Waste Management Association Scholarship

Chris Awarded Air & Waste management Association Scholarship

Chris Rapp continues to receive frequent accolades for his work as an undergraduate researcher. Most recently he was awarded a $750 scholarship through the Great Basin Chapter (GBC) of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) along with a one-year membership to the chapter. According to their website, “the core purpose of AWMA is to improve environmental knowledge and decisions by providing a neutral forum for exchanging information”. The scholarship award will provide Chris an opportunity to become further involved in air quality and environmental research while meeting and interacting locally with some of the field’s leading researchers. For example, the board of the Great Basin Chapter consists of researchers and figures from prominent local companies and organizations such as Dominion Energy, Utah Department of Air Quality, and Rio Tinto. Researchers in the HART group, like Chris, are well connected to scholarship and funding opportunities through Dr. Gannet Hallar, and are frequently encouraged to apply.

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